Kitten vs Apples

kitten vs apples

Kitten vs Apples

Check out this dramatic kitten video

Kitten vs Apples - the ultimate showdown.

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Cats Mind Blown

cats mind blown

Cats Mind Blown

Watch video of this cat having it's mind blown!

This is a hilarious short video of this cats mind blown by a coin machine.  Check out this cats face! Priceless.

Marmalade getting his mind blown when his owner puts a coin in a cat coin machine.  Cats truly have some of the best reactions.  Sign up and post your favorite videos, images, and memes of the best cats having their minds blown! Check out a couple of our favorite mind blowing cats below.

Check out these cats with their minds being blown...

(...consequently, blowing your mind in the process.)

Cats have some of the best facial expressions. They just can't help it.

Like this black cat filing it's nails.

cats mind blown

And this cat so happy on his dog-shaped scratching post!

cats mind blown

Ehrmagerd Ribberns!!! This cat's expression is perfect.

cats mind blown

Our very own goofy Ralph!

cats mind blown

Does your cat (or cats) ever get a case of weird?  We also like to call it the 'zoomies'!  It's typically that time before feeding when our two cats go wild, running, jumping, wrestling, and chatting about the house.  Why do cats do this??  Well, in the wild, cats need to hunt, in order to eat.  Therefore, that 'pre-meal burst of energy' your cat is experiencing is instinct! Help your cat to receive similar fulfillment to that of the 'hunt' by playing with a laser, ball, strings, feathers, or what ever else gets your cat going prior to feeding time! Remember to play with your kitty as often as you can, in order to keep your cat healthy and happy!

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