cats and essential oils

Did you know essential oils can be beneficial to your cat, too?

Cats and Essential Oils

Watch videos about cats and essential oils below!

Watch these videos to learn how to safely use essential oils with your cat!

This video is a great example of how to introduce your cat to essential oils!

Let your cat gravitate to the essential oils of his/her choice.  You could also try a drop of essential oil on a piece of cloth or clay as a way to mildly diffuse essential oils.  Cat nip oil is a great first choice for most cats! Frankincense, Lavender, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Myrrh, Citronella, Marjoram, and Copaiba are just a few examples of kitty safe oils that provide numerous health benefits!

Remember to always dilute essential oils with coconut oil before using topically! This is very important! Essential oils are potent and should be used with caution! Keep a close eye on your kitty when experimenting with new essential oils. Contact your veterinarian if your immediately if you notice any unusual changes in your feline companion.

Check out this video about the science behind essential oils

This video addresses the science behind the power of essential oils.

Essential oils are produced in plants as a form of protection from an external stress. Therefore, essential oils can be used medicinally to treat specific ailments. Essential oils can aid our bodies the same way they would aid the plant. Copaiba is a good anti-inflammatory, Peppermint will help soothe stomach pain, Lavender is calming, and Lemongrass is stimulating.  This list goes on! Consider incorporating the natural healing power of essential oils to you and your cat’s health regiments.


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