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train your cat

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Keep in mind that cats are not like dogs.  Negative reinforcement training that you implement yourself will not work.  Yelling, throwing, spraying, hitting, and so forth will only make your cat distrust you and , most likely, dislike you.  If there is a behavior that you don't particularly love, see how to tweak it into something that works for you both.  For example, cats need to be able to get up high.  If you don't want your cat to jump on your tall furniture and counter tops, then consider having designated cat perches that are up high and off the floor; such as, a window perch, wall perch, cat tree, or just specific counter tops and furniture that you don't mind your cat being on.  Give your cat attention, treats, love, cat nip, and more on this designated spot, so your cat will associate that particular space as good and as their own safe spot.  Another example, if your having problems with your cat scratching your furniture, try applying double-sided sticky tape to the spot your cat is scratching.  The stickiness will deter your cat from scratching that spot.  You can't just stop there, though, cats need something to scratch, in order to spread their scent and manicure their nails.  Therefore, make sure to give your cat multiple scratch posts in all shapes and sizes.  Again, remember to give loves, kisses, cat nip, and treats while they are scratching their specified cat scratching post, in order for them to associate the particular scratch post as good.  Check out more cat training videos below!

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