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Essential Oils for Cats

essential oils for cats

Essential Oils for Cats

Yes, you can use essential oils for your kitty cat, too!

Read about essential oils for cats:

The growing popularity of essential oils seems to be endless, so I wanted to discuss essential oils for cats.  Essential oils are potent.  They are strong and can be deadly when used incorrectly.  Essential oils are produced in plants as a form of self preservation and protection.  We are able to extract essential oils from plants and use them medicinally, depending on their natural properties.  Cats can benefit from essential oils as much as you and I humans can.  With that being said, cat's livers don't function like our livers do.  Therefore, cat's are more sensitive to essential oils than us, so it is important to be careful and less is definitely more.  I strongly advise against experimenting with essential oils on your kitty cat at home without doing your homework first.  I would, however, recommend incorporating Animal EO's Kittyboost oil blend into your cat's daily routine. ... I would actually recommend all of Animal EO's blends.  Their oil blends have been formulated and tested by a veterinarian, Dr. Shelton.  Check out their website in the link below for more detailed information about all of their oils.

About a year ago, our 2 year old cat, Ralph, developed two pea-sized masses over his rear left hip from a vaccine.  I freaked out, naturally, but my friend told me about Animal EO's Kittyboost oil blend. It contains 15 essential oils, including cat nip, with coconut oil as the carrier oil.  She told me that it could reduce inflammation and ease anxiety, among many other things.  So, I massaged a couple drops of the oil on to Ralph's lumps everyday, petting the excess on his back.  2 months later, the mass was gone!  This could all be coincidence, but I believe.  When Zewati had a urinary blockage last year, Kittyboost soothed him to sleep, when the pain medications just made him loopy and angry.  Anytime that I can plan ahead for a stressful kitty situation, I will pet Kittyboost on my boys and diffuse their favorite oils to calm them down. (Before bed is the best, they'll snooze all night!)

Remember that cats are more sensitive to smells than us and their livers function differently from ours.  So, approach cautiously when applying oils to your kitty.  Try petting them from behind, so the smell isn't too much for them. Let your cat lick the oils off of themselves, this is another form of ingesting the essential oil goodness.  You can also diffuse pure essential oils for your cat.  You'll see which oils your cat gravitates to and which oils makes your cat run. (My boys love when I diffuse cilantro and chamomile blends) Keep a close eye on your fluffy friend, so you can observe any negative effects.  And, don't forget to consult your veterinarian first!  Most conventional veterinarians may not know a lot about essential oils, so try to find an alternative vet or contact the team at Animal EO with more questions.

Remember to never apply, or pet, essential oils on your cat without a carrier oil like coconut oil.  Avoid the pads on your kid's paws and the inside of their ears.  Let me know if you have any questions and, please, sign up and share any further insights, ideas, etc.

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Cat Wranglers

cat wranglers

Check out Cat Wranglers

Remember this cat wranglers commercial from the Super Bowl years ago?

cat wranglers

If only cat wrangling was a real career... if only all dreams could come true.

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Train your Cat

train your cat

Jackpot! Watch tips on how to train your cat!


Train your cat today!

Keep in mind that cats are not like dogs.  Negative reinforcement training that you implement yourself will not work.  Yelling, throwing, spraying, hitting, and so forth will only make your cat distrust you and , most likely, dislike you.  If there is a behavior that you don't particularly love, see how to tweak it into something that works for you both.  For example, cats need to be able to get up high.  If you don't want your cat to jump on your tall furniture and counter tops, then consider having designated cat perches that are up high and off the floor; such as, a window perch, wall perch, cat tree, or just specific counter tops and furniture that you don't mind your cat being on.  Give your cat attention, treats, love, cat nip, and more on this designated spot, so your cat will associate that particular space as good and as their own safe spot.  Another example, if your having problems with your cat scratching your furniture, try applying double-sided sticky tape to the spot your cat is scratching.  The stickiness will deter your cat from scratching that spot.  You can't just stop there, though, cats need something to scratch, in order to spread their scent and manicure their nails.  Therefore, make sure to give your cat multiple scratch posts in all shapes and sizes.  Again, remember to give loves, kisses, cat nip, and treats while they are scratching their specified cat scratching post, in order for them to associate the particular scratch post as good.  Check out more cat training videos below!

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Cat Training

cat training

Learn about cat training!

Even though, it may seem silly to train your cat, it's really not!

There are many benefits that come with cat training.  First and foremost, it is a great form of enrichment, or stimulation, for your cat!  Animals in captivity miss out on all the natural enrichment the wild has to offer.  Training is a good way to stimulate your cat's mind, while offering an excellent form of exercise.  Secondly, and equally important, training is a wonderful way to bond with your feline friend.  Your cat will associate you with treats, love, and snuggles.  When you train your cat, your cat will know what you expect of them.  When they behave how you wish, then they will be rewarded.  Our cats know that we expect them to sit calmly with their butts flat on the floor when we are feeding them.  We have also trained our cats which tall surfaces they are allowed to perch on and which ones they are not allowed to perch on.  Finally, training your cat is good for their health and happiness.  From an early age, we desensitized our cats to being touched and handled, focusing on their paws, toes, face, mouth, and belly.  It is important that your cat is comfortable being checked over, because you are going to need to clip your cats toes, bring your cat to the vet, groom your cat, and the list goes on.  With that being said, remember that your cat will also need to be comfortable in a carrier and being in a moving vehicle.  Therefore, training and desensitization will reduce your cat's stress, as well as your own stress during uncomfortable situations.  Cats can be quite stubborn and persistent, but a happy, well-trained kitty cat can be your most loyal companion.

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